Aviation Resource Management System

A cloud platform comprised of 13 modules that cover every aspect of operations
The aviation resource management system is a turnkey cloud platform comprised of 13 modules that cover every aspect of operations, as well as the unified database that integrates them. No more trying to interconnect disparate applications not designed to work together. No more re-keying information to send from one system to another, wasting valuable time and making your organization vulnerable to errors. Data from these modules is delivered automatically to enable better long-term planning and near-term decision making.


Network Commercial Planning Sub-System (CPSS)
Optimizes utilization of Fleet Resources while maximizing potential yield for each sector and the network as a whole. This is where the Network Schedule is born and is continuously groomed to ensure maximum yield
Crew Management Sub-System (CMSS)
Ensures adequate and qualified crew are available to cover operational tasks; achieving a perfect balance between crew costs and crew quality-of-life. Ensures strict statutory compliance and uncompromising safety.
Flight Planning & Dispatch Sub-System (FPDS)
Everything flight dispatchers and crew need, to plan optimally, dispatch and operate flights safely and efficiently, with special focus on overall cost reduction and fuel conservation
Crew Web Portal (CWP)
An interactive and intuitive web browser interface for anytime, anywhere access enabling workflow automation, interaction and process efficiency for crew who are always on the move
Flight Operations Sub-System (FOSS)
Forms the neural network behind an Operations Control Centre (OCC) of an airline, keeping every operational element in sync’ with each other, allowing for complete control over operations, keeping full visibility of fleet movements in the real-time, managing disruptions optimally and efficiently, while minimizing risks. Fleet situational awareness for all. Manage on-time performance and disruptions efficiently.
TAB Enabled Solution
Make optimum use of your aircraft resources and maximize the network effectiveness
Mobile Enabled Solution
Fleet situational awareness for all. Manage on-time performance and disruptions efficiently.
Engineering & Maintenance Sub-System (EMSS)
Keep your aircraft in a maximum state of airworthiness and ensure quality, compliance and dispatch reliability.
Logistics & Inventory Management Sub-System (LIMS)
Ensure just-in-time availability of spares and optimize your inventory.
Flight Data Monitoring & Analysis Sub-System (FDMA)
Analyze all recorded and transmitted data for safety, compliance and efficiency of operations.
Fuel Consumption Analysis MIS (FCAM)
Maximize your profits by operationalizing your fuel conservation program.
Safety & Quality Management Sub-System (SQMS)
Make no compromises on safety or quality; stay compliant with ICAO SMS requirements.
Heavy Maintenance Repair and Overhaul System (HMRO)
Plan and execute heavy checks efficiently to return aircraft back to service on schedule
Integrated Training Management System (ITMS)
Ensure skills and knowledge levels of the work force are always current and optimal.

Modular, scalable and fully hosted system that Provides solutions across airline operations ​


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